South as a State of Mind becomes media partner of World Biennial Forum No 2

South as a State of Mind is a bi-annual arts and culture journal published in Greece and distributed internationally. It is a project by Kunsthalle Athena, initiated by Founding and Editorial Director Marina Fokidis.


South as a State of Mind:

Possessed by a spirit of absurd authority, we try to contaminate the prevailing culture with ideas that derive from southern mythologies such as the ‘perfect climate’, ‘easy living’, ‘chaos’, ‘corruption’, and the ‘dramatic temperament’, among others. Through our twisted – and ‘southern’ – attitude, expressed through critical essays, artist projects, interviews and features, we would like to give form to the concept of the South as a ‘state of mind’ rather than a set of fixed places on the map. People from different – literal or metaphorical – ‘Souths’ renegotiate the southern attitude, partly to define it and partly to invent it, within the post-crisis world. Opening up an unexpected dialogue among neighborhoods, cities, regions and approaches, South as a State of Mind is both a publication and a meeting point for shared intensities.