World Biennial Forum No 2 is happy to announce its media-partnership with the Brazilian arts magazine ARTE!Brasileiros.

Set Out Revista Arte Brasileiros Capa

About Brasileiros Publishing 

Brasileiros Publishing was founded in 2007 by Brazilian journalist Hélio Campos Mello and educator Patricia Rousseaux, in close collaboration with journalists Ricardo Kotscho and Nirlando Beirão. Brasileiros Publishing is responsible for a wide range of titles including ARTE!Brasileiros, a bimonthly bi-lingual magazine on Brazilian and international art, currently in its 20th edition. Alongside the magazine, ARTE!Brasileiros is also known for its International Seminar ARTE!Brasileiros, gathering experts from Brazil and abroad to discuss actual topics in the field. The International Seminar ARTE!Brasileiros is co-organized with Latitude: Platform for Brazilian Art Galleries Abroad.

Read an interview with Marieke van Hal, director of Biennial Foundation.

De Arruda, Tereza: Biennial Foundation, an international Organization for the Promotion of Systematic Debate about Art Biennials, in: ARTE!Brasileiros, 26, 2014.

Read the full article (ENG/POR):


Image: Cover, ARTE!Brasileiros, 26, 2014.